Forming an American Majority

In my latest podcast, I follow up on my four-part series on how our country has an opportunity to bring together a large American majority – rather than a narrow Republican majority.

59% of Voters Agree that Increasing Taxes Negatively Impacts the Economy 

An American majority favors not increasing taxes. At the same time, many Americans understand current high federal spending is hurting the economy.  A recent national survey conducted by Scott Rasmussen has revealed that 59 percent of voters agree that increasing taxes negatively influences the American economy.   Additionally, this survey found that 47 percent of registered voters believe that slowing down the increase of federal spending will positively support the economy.   This survey included 1,200 registered voters, who indicated a wide …

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An American Majority, Not a Republican Majority: Part One

Big Government Socialism, woke radicalism, a governing performance disaster, and weak personalities inside the Democratic Party create an opportunity for a new American majority to support common sense government efforts to create a better country for everyone.